Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bonus!! yay!

Hows everyone doing?

Things have been pretty hectic lately.
I've been gaining weight like nobody's business!
Damn those hormones!
Sometimes it made me feel depress,
Sort of not wanting to meet and talk to people,
just because I feel like im so ugly and disgusting..
I really really wish this hormones will go away FAST!

Been trying to eating healthy, not all the time though..
Im trying..

See the stuff I've eaten?
That wholemeal bread is bleagh!
I prefer Sunshine to Gardenia ANYTIME!
The salad though, was nice...:)
I tried to make my own breaded chicken salad ala Swensen's..:)

Enough about food.

I told my husband that I wanted to go to the MBS Skypark on my Birthday..
I thought It would be romantic and all..*dreamy*
Particularly because it will be my FIRST time going up there and on my Birthday!

We went there sooner than expected..
We went there on my MIL's birthday instead, because everyone wanted to..

So now,
I do not want to go there on my birthday coz it wont be special anymore..
sob sob..

Where else can I go to...?
It's too soon to be going there again..isnt it?


I know Fairmont Hotel's restaurant is now Halal..
*hint to Hubby* :))

I know the above picture is random. But aint the SMURF cute?
I am soooo into Smurf!
They're tiny, blue aaaaaand CUTE! ;)

That Aside,
Eversince I started working at S*P*H,
I think I've lost around 20 pens!
Ridiculous kaaaan....

So annoying to have to go to the stationery cupboard and keep taking pens..

I decided to label the pens with my name on it.
If anybody accidentally(husnu zhan) took it,
RETURN IT TO ME, ok...*buat muka comel giller takle angkat*

To end this post on a cheerful note:
I will be receiving a bonus and a pay increment!

I've waited 3 working years to get these benefits.
Ever since I started work in 2007, I've never even once get a taste of a 13 month pay, let alone a bonus or pay increment..(they can even toy with my basic salary..hmph!)

So this year is a blessing..
Im thankful to Allah for his 'rezeki'

p/s: I want to change my blog layout, but so sian ah to sit in the IT room and do..

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