Thursday, October 06, 2011


Im worried.
I'm overcame by a myriad of emotions.

The 1st Gynae appointment is still around 3 weeks away.
Why is it that it takes so long to wait for appointments.
As of now I hope the pregnancy that is happening to me is real as real as can be.
Im starting to think, what if it is just in my mind.
But if it is, then why the +ve?
why am I feeling wierd stuff in me and why are my girlies SUPER sore?

Told myself again and again never to worry.
Dr Masayu have already confirmed that there is in fact 'a bun in the oven'.
I am trying very hard to concentrate on my well-being and not think of nonsensical stuff.

I wish I can skip to the appointment date already.


*6 Weeks 2 Days*

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