Monday, April 05, 2010

Words are not enough

Today, was my first day at work..
A new day, a new job and a brand new age for me...

I was a little intimidated with the whole place..everything seemed so
much bigger.. The place, the workload, the number of people..

After a while of orientation by my seniors, thank God I felt relaxed
and was able to see the bigger picture..

The seniors were very friendly and helpful..

Initially, i had my worries about my prayer time at work..i still
remember when i had to pray at staircase landings before..

So i decided to ask a muslim colleague..and to my surprise, he said
there's a musolla dedicated for muslim employees..i wanted to cry out
of joy there and then...

First, God answered my prayers and gave me the job i dreamed of..and
then, he provided prayer that i should always remember His
gift and be thankful of it...

What added on to my joy is that there is a shuttle bus to and from the
building to Alj MRT and Potong Pasir its very convenient..

I am very very thankful to Allah, that words alone cannot describe my
sense of gratitute..

This is the Best birthday present that Allah Almighty bestowed upon me..


Shall update again later lovelies, im off for my birthday dinner!


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